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Note: The following is a bit out of date.

I make interactive things for companies like Sony, Universal, Intel and Coca Cola. I do open source stuff and I organise developer events. I tend to do things that journalists want to write about. I did computers at uni, so I could get a certificate saying first class honours.

At 16, repaired computers in the local community. At Audioboo I helped empower journalists to report in ways they couldn't before. At 3 Sided Cube I was on the team that created an award-winning first-aid app for the Red Cross. At We Made Awesome Sh, I made interactive sites, crafted iOS apps, built larger scale installations, played with mind sensors, hacked fish, and helped facilitate the internet's addiction to cats.

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Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Node, HTML(HAML) + CSS(SASS), Objective C, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Git, Unix.

I know enough of other languages to get by (Elixir, PHP, Java, C#, Python, etc). I'm also learning Erlang, and getting to grips with Vim.

client projects

Just finished an app for Tinie Tempah. It listens out for his music through the device's mic (hand-rolled DSP code), and plays a video of his lips in sync so people can 'rap like Tinie'. It was lots of fun to see celebrities and strangers use it. Oh, and I had fun with it, too.

Built sites, apps, and backend tools for most of the big music labels. Bragging list includes: Kylie, Swedish House Mafia, Boards of Canada, alt-J, Blur, Plan B, Conor Maynard, JLS, Modestep, Alice in Chains and Bastille. Usually working with their marketing teams, but on occasion working with the artist themselves.

Audited, refactored, and added features to Ghost (the node.js blogging platform).

Provided an interactive installation on behalf of Intel at Inside Lands festival. The giant screen was connected to realtime APIs and displayed images posted to Instagram and Twitter by event attendees.

Worked on cross-platform first aid mobile app for the British Red Cross (#1 in UK app store, widely praised). The CMS-backed 'hybrid' app methods devised have since been used for further apps for the American Red Cross.

Built a cutting-edge realtime project and staff management system for internal use at a digital agency. "Project Panther" tied the company's operations together and had functionality and UI features I'm incredibly proud of.

Reworked and optimised 3 Sided Cube's analytics service used internally and by 3SC's clients. Performance was key, as is was required to track detailed usage across over 6 million app installs. The tool gave 3SC invaluable insights into usage patterns, App Store charts, and the state of the iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms.

Major contributor to a Rails site with upwards of 100,000 registered users including high-traffic producers such as the BBC, Sky News, The Guardian and Stephen Fry. In this period also built an iPhone app used internally at BBC Radio.

personal projects

Currently hacking iBeacons into my flat's intercom, so I don't need to use keys any more

Entered the 2014 JS1k competition with Flappy Dragon, a 'flappy' game written in just 1022 bytes of Javascript (including graphics)

Imageoptimiser GitHub bot. This tool searched GitHub for open source projects that would benefit from lossless image compression. It then forked the project, made various beneficial optimisations, and then submitted a pull request. Although praised by the community, it was disallowed by GitHub - leading to an article in WIRED.

Made an automatic glitch-art generator that periodically uploads a slightly glitched avatar to Twitter, so I have a subtly-changing avatar.

Posting Facebook statuses from a genuine 1950s telegraph entry pad (in morse code) at the Facebook London Hackday.

Created a pure javascript (getUserMedia, web audio) goldfish-controlled music synthesiser at the Digital Sizzle Art Hackfest (no animals were harmed). [youtube]

Connected realtime feed of mac screen to an arduino-powered lighting system, MacLight, which also had an iPhone colour-picker control.

At Midem, made a stylophone-powered game that detects pitch using the web audio api and a JS FFT, so that the notes control the height of a helicopter

At the Yahoo! hack day, make a tool that makes a mosaic image from Flickr images. You upload your image, and you get one back where the individual parts are made of other people's public photos

First class dissertation project developing a passwordless login system. 15,000 words, 2 rails applications, 2 iPhone apps and a new understanding of TeX. [video][pdf]

Written report on the viability of the browser as a gaming platform. [pdf]

Worked with Miami artist Joseph Baum to create an interactive piece exploring the concept of 'inference'. A wall of the room changed colour to match the viewer, so that the act of observation disrupted the subject.


First class computing degree at Bournemouth University. Earned 4.5 A-levels in school and 11 GCSEs A-B. Took GCSE and AS ICT qualifications early.


Loves skiing, sailing, and rock climbing. Tweets too much. DJs at conference afterparties. Learning Ableton. Used spare Google Adwords to promote Dropbox referral link. Targets Facebook adverts against his friends as cheap pranks. Made an iPhone app that restarts his crappy WiFi router on command.

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GitHub. Twitter. Blog.